Tattoo Cohesive Bandage

Tattoo Cohesive Bandage

Tattoo Cohesive bandage A Lightweight Self-Adherent Compression Bandage Which Sticks To Itelf But Not To Other Material Or Skin.

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Quick Details

Product Name: Tattoo Cohesive bandage

Model: N201103-D

Material: Non-woven Fabric,spandex

Color: Camouflage

Properties: Medical Adhesive & Suture Material

Type: Medical Adhesive

Feature: well fixed easy to take not sticky to skin

Application: Tattoo Aftercare

Optional Width: 2.5cm/5.0cm



1. Adheres to itself,hand tear

2. Non-sticky to hair or skin

3. Provide controlled compression



1. Adheres to itself,no pins or clips needed;

2. Non-sticky to hair or skin, no residue leaves on body upon removal;

3. Non woven Material, hand tear

4. Length and width can be made as per request



1. Wrap will not slip, no need for frequent readjustment;

2. Light weight,porous, allow skin to breath and comfortable to users;

3. Provide controlled compression;

4. Soft ,strong fabric;

5. Waterproof, will not loose by sweat or water.

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