Professional Manufacturer Investment Casting Tattoo Frame

Professional Manufacturer Investment Casting Tattoo Frame

Professional Manufacturer Investment Casting Tattoo Frame ITATOO 38mm 8/32 Brass Whole Frames Complete Tattoo Machine Frames (BTF100004)

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Product Name: Professional Manufacturer Investment Casting Tattoo Frame

Brand Name: ITATOO

Model: BTF100004

Quality Control: Professional Inspection

Surface treatment: Anodizing,polished,powder coati

Delivery: By air/ By sea/ By express

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal



38mm Tattoo Machine Frames

8/32 thread

Brass High Quality Material

Whole Complete Tattoo Machine Frames

Exact Dimensions

Processing Methods: Aluminum profile extruding,Precise cutting,

Straight rectification,Bending,Drilling,Tapping,

Stamping,Pulling,CNC mill, CNC lathe,CNC machining


Manufacturing Process

Material Supply: To be sure material specification and size correct. To be sure material chemical composition correct, material certification must be provided in each material purchasing lot.

Machining Process:Setup work instruction chart for each part. Check production process and updated drawing issue before machining. Fixed Inspection: 4 times/shift, have records to check, carried by QC. Random Inspection: to avoid uncertain potential quality issues. Final Inspection: Each part have its final inspection stardard before packing, have inspection sheet to track.

Equipment Maintain:Machining equipments maintain: Checked by each day, have records to track.Inspection equipment maintain: Checked by each 15 days, have records to track.

Packing and Assembly:To meet custom requirments, including labels, cartons, pallets etc before shipment.

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