Wholesale Coil Tattoo Machine Kits

Wholesale Coil Tattoo Machine Kits

Wholesale Coil Tattoo Machine kits China Professional Factory Outlet Top Quality Tattoo Products

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Including all basic tattoo supplies, reasonable price and excellent quality

Provide a easy and convenient tattooing foundation

Professional tattoo supplier provides high-end products

Tattoo machine refined aluminum alloy frame 

Fine carving handle bolt, can better lock the handle, will not shake.


About The Product

Brand: Wormhole

NameWholesale Coil Tattoo Machine kits 

Model: TK1000023

Package: 1set/box

Usage: permanent makeup and tattoo art



Tattoo machine 2sets

Pigment 40pcs

Disposable stainless steel tip 10pcs

Power supply 1set

Tattoo needles 20pcs

Foot petal 1set

Clip cord 1pcs

Disposable blue nitrile glove 1pair

Ointment 1pcs

Aluminum grip 1pcs

Plastic ink cup holder 1pc

Ink cups S 25pcs

Ink cups M 25pcs

Tip brushes 1set

New practice skin S 1pc

Thermal paper 1pc

Rubber band 10pcs

Colored nipples 10pcs

O-ring 10pcs

Allen key set 1set

CD 1pc

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