Professional Hot Sale Tattoo Kits

Professional Hot Sale Tattoo Kits

Professional Hot Sale Tattoo Kits 4 Excellent Good Quality Machine Gun Dual Digital Power Supply With Common Tattoo Supplies Kits CD013

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About The Product

Tattoo Machine: Low noice and not overheat after long-time working; Comfortable to handle.

Power Supply: Overload Current Protection 120%min, operating Temperature -10oC~+50oC

Tattoo Inks: Guaranteed Sterile Pure organic liquid pigment

Tattoo Needles: EO gas sterilized, CE marked, Pre-sterilized, single blister packed, high quality, pre-soldered, ready to use, safety, disposable




Name: Professional Hot Sale Tattoo Kits

Model: CD013



-Please adjust Voltage to 3V when you start, and 5.5V-8V is the best.

-Take care not to get wet and avoid using with wet hands.


Package Includes

4 x tattoo machines for liner and shader

1 x dual tattoo power supply

2 x clip cord

1 x stainless steel foot pedal

1 x American standard power cord

20 x random color 5ml tattoo ink

1 x blank tattoo practice skin

2 x aluminium grip

50 x assorted tattoo needles(5 x 3RL; 5 x 5RL; 5 x 7RL; 5 x 9RL; 5 x 5RS; 5 x 7RS; 5 x 9RS; 5 x 5MG; 5 x 7MG; 5 x 9MG)  

10 x disposable stainless tip(4 Round, 6 Flat)

50 x ink cups with base

2 x pair of blue nitrile gloves

1 x Ointment

1 x tip brushes set

50 x O-ring

50 x colorful rubber bands

50 x colorful grommets

1 x Allen key set (3 different sizes)

2 x 5RT Disposable tattoo tubes

1 x Aluminium Traval Case

1 x English teaching VCD

1 x free instruction manual

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