Tattoo Power Supply Accuracy Display 0.1V

Wormhole LCD Tattoo Power Supply with Voltage Accuracy Display 0.1V N1005-37
About the product
  • Improved tattoo supply has accurate voltage display to 0.1V
  • Output current can be 3A accurately and be used to work with any large magnum tattoo needles.
  • Come with a knob to start or pause, so you don't have to own a foot pedal to control it.
  • Net weight: 190 gram. Size: 130*130*54 mm
  • Wormhole tattoo power supply come with one year warranty.
Features about it
Input voltage: AC 90-240V
  • Output voltage: 0-18V
  • Output power: 54W
Output accuracy: ±5%
Working current: 0-3A
Voltage load protection : 99%
Current load protection : 99%
Ambient temperature :-10℃ (14 ℉) to 40 ℃ (104 ℉)
Relative humidity : 5% to 95%
Warranty : 1 year
Net weight: 190gram
Size : 130*130*54mm
1.Free repairment or replacement is offered within 365 days from purchase date.
2. Warranty period of products cannot be extended even if your product get repaired or replaced. 
3. Do not touch it with wet hands.
4. Do not make power supply wet.
5. Store it out of the children's reach
What does the package include? 
1. 1pcs tattoo power supply with 0.1V accuracy
1pcs power cord
1. 1pcs English manual.

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