Tattoo Tubes 20pcs Disposable Round Tip

ITATOO 20pcs Disposable Tattoo Tubes 1" Tattoo Grip and Tube for Tattoo Needles Round Tip

Product Name: ITATOO disposable tattoo tubes with black long tip
Color: Black
Model: N508-7-RT
Weight: 20.5g/ 0.72 ounce
Length: 10.8cm/ 4.25 inch
Grip Dimension: 25mm/ 1 inch
Tube Dimension: 8mm/ 0.31 inch
Grip Material: Soft Rubber
Tube Material: Plastic

Tattoo Tubes Features:

Hard plastic, works like a mental tip.
The expiration date and model are print on each individual pack.
    Tattoo Tubes Applications: 
    Any tattoo machine.

     Soft and Non-Silp tattoo tubes.

    The edges are smooth that can protect hands.
    25mm, 1 inch. Easily hold, and suitable for most of the people's hands.
    Non-Slip Design. Easy control.
    Ergonomic. Help you finish tattoo work easily.
    For more different tattoo tubes, please select other sizes.

    Disposable sterilized package.

    20 pcs sterilized assorted tattoo tubes with individual vacuum packing in a box neatly.
    For one-time use only, more convenient and safe than sterilize and clean the tubes.
      *Do not use the tattoo tubes if the individual package is damaged. 

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