Tattoo Rotary Machine Kit Japan Coreless Motor


About the product

  • It adopts imported coreless motor with strong power and stable performance.
  • CNC integrated carving process, good workmanship, exquisite appearance, smooth and not rough details, wear-resistant, long-term use without deformation.
  • The embedded RCA connector can better protect the connector and prevent the connector from falling off.
  • The new steel ball rotation mode makes the adjustment of the needle more precise, the sound of the rotation is crisp, durable and wear-resistant.
  • Stainless steel pressure-resistant springs provide better power output while ensuring normal operation of the machine
  • Custom engraving belongs to your tattoo pen only,Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited) for


Package includes:

1// 1 X Coreless Motor Rotary Machine

2// 1 X RCA clip cord

3// 1 X tattoo foot pedal

4// 1 X tattoo power supply

5// 20 X tattoo cartridge needles

6// 20 X tattoo ink caps with base(Don’t need ink holder)

7// 2 X  tattoo practice skin

8// 1 X pair tattoo golves

9// 5 X transfer paper

10// 20 X colorful tattoo inks

11// 1 X ointment

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