Tattoo Pen with DC Clip Cord Aluminum Alloy Pen

About the product
  • The tattoo pen has strong power, high frequency stability, light sound, most suitable for precise and fast shader and liner work.
  • This tattoo rotary machine frame part is able to disassemble and maintenance, replacement parts and the tattoo pen grip are autoclavable.
  • The tattoo pen is finely carved CNC by aluminum alloy, small gap between accessories and accessories, wear resistance, long-term use without hot, long life.
  • This tattoo machine can be compatible with various brands tattoo power supplies and tattoo cartridge needles. This tattoo pen designed with ergonomic and non-slip housing materials so that you can obtain great touching feeling and ideal healing results.
  • More details about the tattoo pen machine. Net weight: 130 gram. Gross weight: 359g. Working voltage: 8-10V. Start voltage: 5V. Mabuchi Motor 24mm. Rpm, 10V-1W r/min. Stroke, 3.5mm. 0 - 4mm adjustable needle depth.

Quantity: 1 tattoo pen& 1 DC Clip Cord
Material: Aluminum Alloy Pen & PVC Clip Cord
1. This tattoo pen is a must and useful tool at tattoo.
2. Perfect for tattoo professionals and beginners to improve their skills.
The warranty about the tattoo pen:
① Free Replacement Policy
a. Free repairment or replacement is offered within 365 days from purchase date.
b. Warranty period of products cannot be extended even if your product get repaired or replaced.
② Free product consultation.
③ Situations Against Free Replacement Policy
a. Normal wear (such as scratches on the pen case).
b. Wormhole tattoo pens purchased from unofficial channel.
c. The voltage is unstable, beyond the scope of application of the tattoo pen.
d. Tattoo pens beyond the guarantee period. Products become defective due to water damage.
e. Accidental damage and malfunction caused by improper use, misuse, negligence, rude operation, or any other operation method that violates the operating manual.

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