Tattoo Pen with 140Pcs Cartridge Needles


About Product:

  • Multiple Choice: There are 5 colors that can be chosen and you can also choose the lettering pen to customize your unique pen.
  • Long Service Life: Tattoo pen adopts CNC integrated carving process, which makes sure machine parts are wear-resistant. The tattoo pen can be used for a longer time and more work.
  • Easy to Use: The detachable structure of the tattoo pen makes life more convenient. The new motor pen is much easier to clean and change the accessories and reduces a lot of unnecessary time.
  • Strong Power: The new tattoo pen adapts the second-generation Mabuchi motor and shows more powerful. The tattoo pen with stable putout helps make more stable and professional tattoo works.
  • After-sale Service: If there is anything quality problem, please contact and we will take responsibility for it.

Product Description:

The new tattoo pen has been technically reformed. Compared with the traditional one, it has a longer service life and is more stable to work. The built-in high-pressure resistant spring ensures the balance and stability of the tattoo pen. Each component can be independently adjusted and replaced. Anti-slip design is suitable for long-term tattoo work, provides a better user experience.

Net weight: 965g
Gross weight: 1000g
Package size: 27.5x17.5x12cm
Tattoo pen size: 117.3*29.5mm (the widest point is 31.5mm)
Color: 5colors Black-Red-Champagne-Gold-Silver

Tattoo pen *1
Cartridge needles *140
Clip cord *1

1.Material: Aluminum Alloy
2.Process: integrated carving
3.Motor: The second-generation Mabuchi motor
4.Starting Voltage: 6v
5.Working Voltage: 8-10V
6.Rotating Speed: 11000 rpm

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