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Tattoo Pen Void Tattoo Machine Pen with RCA Cord

Void Crosser Tattoo Pen Advantages:

--Stable Power: The new motor upgrade is upgraded to 9000 rpm on 10V, ensuring a stable output of power, which can meet the daily needs of tattoo artists.
--Convenience: The new main body part has a detachable structure, much easier to disassemble and assemble, and it is more convenient to replace parts and maintenance in the future.
--The body is made of the Integrated carving process, the details work is not rough, no burr, the gap between the accessories is small, wear-resistant, the tattoo pen has a long service life.
--Tattoo pen external positioning adjustable steel ball, adjusting the needle more precise, durable, wear-resistant, completely solve the problem that the traditional rubber band is not easy to break, can adapt to most of the integrated needle on the market

Package includes:
-1 x Void Tattoo pen
-1 x RCA Clip cord

*Ships within 20 working days.

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