Tattoo Pen Kit with DC Cord


Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit DC Connection Mini LCD Power Supply 20 Needle Cartridges WTK026

About the product

  • Wormholetattoo pen comes with comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design; optimal maneuverability. And compatible with all cartridge needles.Used for outline and shade,which make you work efficiently
  • Wormholemini LCD digital tattoo power supply Output current can be 3A accurately and be used to work with any large magnum tattoo needles.Come with a knob to start or pause, so you don't have to own a foot pedal to control it.
  • Tattoo pen and power supply come with one year warranty. Tattoo clip cord and tattoo foot pedal come with 6 month warranty.
  • If the tattoo pen kit does not work well, please feel free to contact us to get the issues fixed.
  • Please do not tattoo on human skin if you are not a professional tattoo artist. You may hurt yourself.

Product description

-Brand: Wormhole Tattoo
-Use: This complete tattoo pen kit is for beginners and artists 

From the original date of purchase, 
-Tattoo DC cord, foot pedal and tattoo pen with 6 months warranty
-Power supply with one year warranty
For more details, please mail to us. 

Package includes: 

-1 x Wormhole Tattoo pen with DC cord
-1 x mini LCD tattoo power supply
-1 x standard power cord
-20 x Wormhole Tattoo needle cartridge
-1 x Foot pedal
-2 x Self Cohesive tattoo grip cover
-20 x small ink cups with base
-1 x blank practice skin
-1 x pattern practice skin
-1 x 1 oz black tattoo ink
-1 x tattoo transfer paper
-1 x pair of blue nitrile gloves


Professional Wormhole Tattoo kit, help you to finish a healthy and beautiful tattoo.

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