Tattoo Pen Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles

About the product
  • Wormhole tattoo pen comes with comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design allows for optimal maneuverability. And compatible with all cartridge needles.Used for outline and shade,which make you work efficiently
  • More detials about the tattoo pen machine: Net weight, 110 gram. Gross weight, 250g. Working voltage, 8-10V. Mabuchi Motor 24mm. Rpm, 10V-1W r/min. Stroke, 3.5mm. 0 - 4mm adjustable needle depth.
  • 1pcs tattoo pen machine cord (RCA clip cord)
  • 4 mixed size of cartridge needles for outline and shader.
  • If the tattoo pen kit does not work well, please feel free to contact us to get the issues fixed. Tattoo pen comes with one year guaranty.

About our brand:
Wormhole Tattoo is focusing on exploration innovation all the time and keep our product updated, therefore we can provide you safe, convenient and reliable tattoo products.
Tattoo is becoming a part of our life. Tattoo kit is a good choice for tattoo artist to improve tattoo skills. 
Wormhole Tattoo offers varieties of tattoo equipment to meet customers different demands.
Beginner tattoo kits, professional tattoo kit, tattoo pens and cartridge needles are supplied by Wormhole Tattoo.

Parm about wormhole tattoo pen:
Net weight: 110 gram. Gross weight: 250g. 
Start voltage:7V. Working voltage: 8-10V. 
Mabuchi Motor 24mm. 
Rpm: 10V-1W r/min. 
Stroke: 3.5mm. 0 - 4mm adjustable needle depth. 

What you will get in the package?
1// 1 pcs Wormhole tattoo machine pen
2// 120 pcs tattoo cartridge needles.(5 X 3RL, 5 X 5RL, 5 X 5RM, 5 X 7RM)
3// 1pcs dual tattoo power supply with plug 
4// 1pcs tattoo foot pedal 
5// 1pcs RCA tattoo clip cord for the tattoo pen 
6//1pcs tattoo practice skin 
7// 1pcs manual as gift 

The warranty about tattoo pen: 
① Free Replacement Policy
a. Free repairment or replacement is offered within 365 days from purchase date.
b. Warranty period of products cannot be extended even if your product get repaired or replaced.
② Free product consultation.
③ Situations Against Free Replacement Policy
a. The voltage is unstable, beyond the scope of application of the tattoo pen.
b.Products become defective due to water damage.
c. Accidental damage and malfunction caused by improper use, misuse, negligence, rude operation, or any other operation method that violates the operating manual.
d. Normal wear (such as scratches on the pen case).
e. Wormhole tattoo pens purchased from unofficial channel.
f. Tattoo pens beyond the guarantee period.

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