Tattoo Machines with 8 Wraps Coil

Frame Material:Iron
Available As Liner and Shader
Cast Iron Coil 8Wraps for Liner Shader
Start Voltage:4V Working Voltage:6-9V
Running Speed:6000~7200r/min
Capacitor:47UF 50V
1. Liner Hits Hard and Puts Down Smooth Lines and The Shader Shades Pretty Well,Easy to Color
2. Machine Don't Get Hot After Hours of Tattooing
3. Machine Has Smooth and Consistant Run Cycle,Low Voltage Needed
4. Cheap,Good for Studying and Practicing
1. Please Clean Remain on Tattoo Machine When You After Work
2. Please Often Smear Rust Oil in Tattoo Machine Frame,Avoid the Frame Be Rusted
-1*Tattoo Machine

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