Tattoo Cartridge Grip Adjustable Stainless Steel


About product

  • High-Quality Material: The tattoo grip is made by 316 Stainless Steel. Sufficient weight makes the tattoo work easier.
  • Unique Design: Carved appearance if the tattoo grip is Non-slip and provides a nice hand feeling. Non-slip thread improves durability.
  • Easy to Clean: The tattoo grip can be disassembled. The whole body can be directly sterilized at high temperatures and is sanitary and practical.
  • Special Structure: The built-in steel ball structure is more wear-resistant and has long service life The built-in high-pressure spring can better fix parts without shaking.
  • The tattoo grip fits the needles of 11.7*10.5MM. Suitable for most tattoo needle cartridges in the market. If there is any problem, please contact us.

Product description

The specific information of the tattoo grip:
1.Material: 316 Stainless Steel
2.Process: Carved
3.Appearance: Anode stainless steel bright surface
4.Size: 82MM high, 28mm diameter
5.Adjustable Needle Length: 4 mm
6.Net Weight 160g
7.Gross Weight: 228g
8.Packing Size: 12*8*4CM

Assembly Process After Disinfection
1. The Stainless Steel Tattoo Grip can be put into 250℃ water for disinfection and cleaning.
2. Wipe off internal and external watermarks of the tattoo grip after disinfection.
3. When assembling, put the aluminum alloy part into the stainless steel body first. Please keep the buckle part flush. (The Aluminum Alloy Part should keep the same level as the stainless steel body.)
4. Fixed the aluminum alloy part, then rotate and buckle the stainless steel locking fastener.

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