50 Pcs #12 Disposable Tattoo Needles Mixed


Wormhole Assorted Tattoo Needles #12 Standard Disposable & Sterilized Mix Sizes 3RL 5RL 7RL 9RL 5RS 7RS 9RS 5MG 7MG 9MG Tattoo Liner Needles Tattoo Shader with Blue Dot - Box of 50

Features :
-Brand: Wormhole
-Use: For one-time use only. 
-Package: Each tattoo needles are sealed with blue sterilized dot in good condition. 
-Material: 316 medical stainless steel,100% sterilized to protect from being injected. 
-Term: fresh from the factory. 

-tattoo grips and tattoo tubes. 
-Any tattoo machine. 

-Needle Diameter: 0.35 mm
-Needle Taper: 7 mm

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