5'ft Mini Stainless Steel Foot Pedal


ITATOO 5'ft Mini Stainless Steel Flat Tattoo Foot Pedal Switch for Power Supply Machine 

About the product:

  • Length: 1.5 M/5 Feet
  • 1/4" Mono Plug
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Foot Pedal
  • Designed for Long Life Use
  • Easily Drag and Drop on The Floor but Not Broken

-Brand: ITATOO                                                                                                                                     


-Length:1.5 M / 5 Feet

-Material: High quality stainless steel

-Weight: Easily drag and drop on the floor not broken.

-Use:Very flexible to use.

-Any tattoo power supplies
-1/4" Mono Plug for Digital Tattoo Power supply Tattoo Clip Cords RCA Cords 

Package includes:
-1 x A foot pedal

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