Rotary Tattoo Machine Motor 10V Replaceable


About product

  • Application: stable output, the powerful force can drive a large needle.
  • Power: Core-less motor design, with powerful power, fast speed, stable performance, sensitive control.
  • Weight: 22mm in diameter and 24mm in length, very light and ergonomic, helping to reduce fatigue.
  • Energy-saving: 10V/10000 rpm, the core-less motor design highlights its energy-saving characteristics, and it does not heat for a long time.
  • Please check the size, voltage and speed information before purchasing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Product description

Wormhole Tattoo is designed to provide professional tattoo products for tattoo artists.
This professional tattoo machine motor is designed to continuously improve the needs of users. The professional motor has a diameter of 22mm and a length of 24mm. Almost 90% of tattoo machines use motors between 22 and 24 mm in length.
If your machine is very large, this motor will be your best choice.

The package includes:
1 X tattoo motor

- Material: metal.
- Size: Diameter: 22mm, Length: 24mm
-Speed: 10V/10000 rpm
- Stable and long-lasting, it can provide you with powerful power.
- Powerful power to drive large-size needles for a wide range of applications
- Lightweight, quiet and ergonomically designed.
- Powerful performance, long-term use, no heat, high energy efficiency

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