LCD Power Supply Current Display

Professioal Tattoo Power Supply With Voltage and Current Display LCD Power Unit Power Box?
About the product
  • Improved tattoo supply has accurate voltage display to 0.1V and accurate current display to 0.1A
  • Automatic switching between constant voltage and constant current
  • It can adjust the speed of fan automatically according to the load conditions.
  • DC power supply
  • Outline size: 260X125X160mm/ (L*W*H)mm

Input Voltage: 230V ±10%
Input frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Output voltage,Constant voltage range: 0-15V rated value, continuously adjustable
Constant current range,0-2A rated value,continuously adjustable
Operation mode: Automatic switching between constant voltage and constant current?
Resolution display: Three bit display: voltage 0.1V, current 0.1A Automatic mA display: 0-999mA ( Output current within 5A specification )
Accuracy display: ¡À1% ¡À1digit
Power effect: CC¡Ü0.05%+1mA
Ripple noise:CC¡Ü20mA RM5
Protective functions: Protection against Over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit and current limiting.
Cooling method: Intelligent temperature control fan forced-air cooling
Working environment: -10¡æ £¨(14¨H)£©to 40 ¡æ (104¨H) Relative humidity£¼80%
Storage environment: -20¡æ £¨-4¨H£©to 80¡æ (176¨H£©Relative humidity£¼80%
1.Free repairment or replacement is offered within 365 days from purchase date.
2. Warranty period of products cannot be extended even if your product get repaired or replaced.?
3. Do not touch it with wet hands.?
4. Do not make power supply wet.
5. Store it out of the children's reach?What does the package include??
1. 1pcs professional tattoo power supply with 0.1V and 0.1A accuracy?
1pcs power cord

230V ¡À10%

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