Japan Coreless Motor Tattoo Rotary Machine

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About the product

  • It adopts imported coreless motor with strong power and stable performance.
  • CNC integrated carving process, good workmanship, exquisite appearance, smooth and not rough details, wear-resistant, long-term use without deformation.
  • The embedded RCA connector can better protect the connector and prevent the connector from falling off.
  • The new steel ball rotation mode makes the adjustment of the needle more precise, the sound of the rotation is crisp, durable and wear-resistant.
  • Stainless steel pressure-resistant springs provide better power output while ensuring normal operation of the machine
Custom engraving belongs to your tattoo pen only,Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited) for sales@padieoetattoo.com 


    Item: Tattoo Rotary Machine

    Material:Space Aluminum

    Motor: Japan Coreless Motor


    Standard Stroke:0-3.5mm


    Craft:CNC Engraved

    Start Voltage:6V

    Working Voltage:6-10V


    *Custom engraving:Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited)


    Package includes:

    -1 * Tattoo Rotary Machine

    -1 * RCA Cord

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