25pcs Disposable Tattoo Tubes Flat

ITATOO 25pcs 25mm 1" Silicone Soft Black Disposable Tattoo Tubes with Clear Long Flat Tips N501-4

Product Name: ITATOO disposable tattoo tubes with clear long tips
Color: Black
Model: N501-4-FT
Weight: 23.3g/ 0.82 ounce
Length: 10.8cm/ 4.25 inch
Grip Dimension: 25mm/ 1 inch
Tube Dimension: 8mm/ 0.31 inch
Grip Material: Soft ABS
Tube Material: Plastic


Clear long tips, can see the in clearly.
Hard plastic, works like a mental tip.
Model number is carved on the tip. Prevent to confuse the size for not waste any disposable tattoo tubes.
    Example:5FT Apply to 1205M1, 1205RM, 1205M2, 1205RM tattoo needles.
    Any tattoo machine.
    The edges are smooth that can protect hands.
    25mm, 1 inch. Easily hold, and suitable for most of the people's hands.
    Non-Slip Design. 
    Ergonomic. Help you finish tattoo work easily.
    For more different tips, please select other sizes. 

    Disposable sterilized package.

    25 x sterilized 5FT tattoo tube with individual vacuum packing in a box neatly.
    For one-time use only, more convenient and safe than sterilize and clean the tubes.
      *Do not use the tattoo tubes if the individual package is damages. 

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