Self-adhesive Bandage Rolls 24-Pack


24 Pack - Variety of Camo Patterns, Each roll: 1" Wide x 5 Yards in length
Self-adherent bandaging tape, no clips or pins needed and will not stick to hair or skin
Elastic bandages that are strong and provide excellent support
Material that is porous, soft, lightweight and comfortable

Item Specifications:

24 rolls of bandages
Each roll is 1" wide x 5 yards long (stretched)
Sterile, and individually wrapped

The cohesive property of the bandage means it will adhere very well to itself but poorly to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it pain-free to pull it off and change bandages.

Value pack of 24, each roll is individually poly bagged and measures 1 inches in width and 5 yards in length. Use to protect any body part; works well on ankle, wrist, finger, toe, elbow and knee. Also safe for pets.

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