30 MM Stainless Steel Snap Tattoo Grip

About the product
  • Bright color appearance, regular size, multi-color selection, popular style.
  • The cartridge grips made by 316 stainless steel, the weight is sufficient, to create your tattoo work just by pushing it gently.
  • Fully disassembled structure, the whole products can be directly disinfected by high temperature, clean and hygienic, convenient and practical.
  • The handshake part is elaborately carved by CNC, non-slip design, better touching feeling and more practical.
  • With a scale ruler on the handle, the needle can be better controlled and more precise using effect.

Size: 84 mm*30 mm
Net weight: 205 g
Gross weight: 270 g
1.The handle has built-in steel ball, which can rotate and adjust the needle, the sound is crisp, durable and wear-resistant, has a long service life;
2.3 stainless steel needle bar is included(85mm, 90mm, 95mm), which can be used according to different size machines to ensure normal use;
3.Built-in stainless steel high-pressure spring, high elasticity, efficiently fix the internal parts without shaking so that the pin can firmly work ;
4.The size of the bottom to lock the pin is 11.7*10.5mm which can be applied to most tattoo needles on the market.

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