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Jian Wu founded Padieoe brand in 2017 in the United States. He is a professional tattoo products designer who has been engaged in the tattoo field for more than 10 years. He is a seasoned tattoo product designer. And the tattoo pens designed by he are very popular in Southeast Asian and many European countries. More than 10 years of experience told him safety is the most important thing for tattoo lovers. He has been dedicated to designing and producing safe, innovative, convenient and reliable tattoo products since Padieoe brand was founded. We strive to help more and more tattoo artists to create more amazing tattoo works.  
Padieoe is the brand name used for the higher-end line of tattoo products form Wormhole Tattoo.
Padieoe CEO: Jian Wu.
padieoe ceo
Tattoo Product Development
At Padieoe, the product development team is one of the most important departments. The founders spent a lot of money and energy on it. Our product development team has been learning the technology of tattoo products design in Germany and Japan since 2018. To invent practical products for the tattoo artist, our team often listen to the professional tattoo artists’ advice and then improve our products. Some products are produced in Germany or Japan and assembled in China. We believe artificial intelligence and ergonomic design tattoo products will appear in the future, and that is what we are doing now.wormhole_product_development
Our customer service
We will check the products before shipment and make sure the products are qualified.  Our customer service team will improve their customer service skill and be always available to help you. Dedicated live chat service is available to give you an instant response. If you have any questions when you are purchasing or receiving the products, please feel free to contact us.rotary tattoo machine
Our product design department colleagues
At present, our design team has more than 20 young people with rich design experience. Most of them have great design skills, and most importantly, they are very young. Through countless attempts, they have designed many practical and cost-effective tattoo products, hoping to make the work of tattoo artists easier and more efficient.padieoe product design department colleagues
From Wormhole Tattoo Customers
“By chance, I learned about the brand Padieoe.To be honest, I have never used your company's products before, and my friend Tom has been asking me if I have a product that sells Padieoe. So I came over and ordered your tattoo pens and tattoo machines. Well, I am not sure if my friends will buy these products from me... this is two months ago. Now I can finally say that I have found a very reliable brand. My friends gave me feedback. Your tattoo machine is comfortable in hand. You may not believe that my clients no longer have to endure a lot of pain. This is because I used your tattoo products. I have to say, I love you, Padieoe, I believe I will be your fans and recommend your products to my friends.”
”Unbelievable product! I ordered Padieoe's products since last year because I saw your website and your price is very tempting, but I don’t know much about you. When I started my own tattoo product company, I operated some brands that sounded more famous, such as Cheyenne machine and Eikon. I have to say that their products are of course very good, the customer feedback is very good, but when I ordered Padieoe's products again and sold them to my tattoo artist friends, my sales began to rise a lot. I admit that I was conquered by you, cheap and high quality, I want to know how you created such an amazing tattoo product, I am Evan, a wholesaler of tattoo products from New York.”tattoo pattern
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