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What Matters To The Grips In The Tattoo
- Jan 13, 2018 -

When the first grips of a tattoo machine, it will feel that he has a certain weight, some people say they are very heavy. Don't be confused by this statement, because it feels very natural for you to use it for a while, and the muscles in your hands will gradually adapt to the machine's work. Tattoos need time, especially large tattoos. It takes hours to manipulate these machines, and there is not much rest time. This requires you to exercise the muscles on your hands so that you don't get cramps or sore hands. Before you start to become a tattoo, you need to practice as many machines as possible. Try to hold the machine and practice it in the air. You can do this exercise when you watch TV, chat, or do something else. A few hours of exercise every night can make your hands quickly muscle.

Some tattoos like heavy machines, others prefer light, which is why some manufacturers offer light machines. But what should be remembered is that any machine, no matter how much it feels at first, will get used to it at the end. In the long run, you have to feel it is very easy to use, and the working condition is very stable.  The vibration that occurs when the tattoo machine is used will make you feel tired very quickly. At this point the weight of the machine usually acts as a shock absorber. The heavier the handle, the more energy it absorbs, and the smaller the vibration it is to you. So the tattoo machine work more stable, not easy to shake, this is the structure of the tattoo machine is more wonderful place. You should also remember that the weight of the machine can be changed according to your preference, and the weight of the tattoo machine can be changed by changing the type of the handle.


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