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What Ink Is Good For Drawing Tattoos
- Jan 13, 2018 -

There are special tattoo ink for the tattoos. With the formal tattoo ink are biological extraction of pigment, namely tattoo, tattoo tattoo art is in effect, through human skin into a certain depth of acupuncture, and retained in the skin relatively independent down over an extended period of time, show the tattoo art pattern through their own color.

The time of displaying color of tattoo pigment is generally related to the color and particle size of the pigment itself, the technique of tattoo and the physiological characteristics of tattoo. In general, the famous color materials, the long history of the color material, keep a long time.

There are two kinds of tattoos, one is the tattoo on the body, such as the tattoo of the eagle, the snake and other patterns or words. It is difficult to remove the spines because they enter the subcutaneous. There is another kind of painting in the human body, can be washed away at any time. In recent years, there is also a kind of non dry color painting, a stick on the body.

There are three kinds of tattoos: the first one is handed down from the Maori, with shark teeth and animal bone spurs kunshang stick dipped in ink, with a small hammer into the skin; the second is the number of needle sticks tied together, the manual penetrate skin; third is driven by the electrical needle into the skin, this method is the commonly used method of tattooing.

The modern people's understanding of the tattoo is all inclusive and individualized. This kind of perpetual pattern with a little pain will be accompanied by a person's life. This body language is memorable, inspiring, and extricate, and everyone's understanding is not the same.