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The Variety Of Tattoo Needles
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Classification of needles: blunt needle, sharp needle, round needle, pin.

Blunt needle is relatively more blunt needle tip Angle, usually about 20-30 degrees, trendy is piled into skin, stabbed in a relatively difficult, but the needle point colors more saturated, larger, more appropriate totem and color;

Sharp needle is the Angle of the needle tip is relatively sharp, generally is about 5-15 degrees, because it is very sharp, Pierce is relatively easy, small needle point, mist is very exquisite, suit to do drawings and traditional black and white.

Round needles are arranged in a round shape, generally divided into round and round needles.

The arrangement of the needle is arranged in a row, generally divided into single row, double row and fork row.

I. circular needle:

1. Loose pin: this type of needle is usually a blunt needle, which is evolved by hand needle to facilitate binding. The spacing between the needle and the needle is small, the amount of the dip is small, it is difficult to penetrate, the color is slower, and it is relatively easy to be damaged.

Suitable for thick line or small area of the details, it is best to use the fog machine to do, because the frequency of the fog machine is slower, it will not be so easy to damage.

The needle to be being washed out gradually, use less and less, but still has its irreplaceable advantages, because it is the arrangement of the shape to make it easy to control and to fit in so many novice at first with the needle. Also, because it is a blunt needle, compares the color saturation, but stitch is too small, not very good Pierce, we can use the following the tips will stitch scatter, scatter to like branch, was in a small area of the color, an unexpected effect.

2. Round the round needle: the needle is usually sharp, the spacing between the needle and the needle is small, the amount of the dip material is small, it is easier to penetrate, the color is faster, and the skin is relatively easy to be damaged.

Right of secant or small area shape, the details of the secant, if is that as the thickness of the lines from beginning to end, requires the use of secant machine, if it is need to change the thickness of lines, it is recommended to use a fog machine, it is easy to repeat. Do a little details need to use the fog machine, there is a little trick, because the relatively small curl the stitch length of the needle, and paint is not very good, if repeated many times, or easy to skin, at this time, we can use a lighter will burn a tip of the soldering a little, and then immediately quenching in the tincture of iodine, then you will find that the tip have been scattered, scatter degree is you burn the length of time, the need to control. The needle point is spread out, the stitch length is large, it is easier to penetrate, the amount of the stain is also larger, so the color is also faster, the skin loss is also smaller.

The general 3 needles in the closed needle is the best color, the secant line is often used. The 5 needle is also very suitable for white highlight, of course, it is used in the fog machine. The seven stitches are the most closely aligned, and you can try them. The same force and frequency of the machine is only seven of the needles that are most difficult to color, so I usually boil them when I use 7. 11 9 needle which can be used to cut thick wire, coarse thread with 9 needle out again to cut, have more thick line, can use a fork or 7 row 5 needle used secant totem manner.

Ii. Pin:

1. Single row needle: this type of needle has a blunt needle and a sharp needle. The old brand is usually a blunt needle. Later, some brands started to make sharp needles. There are also some brands of needles to increase the stitch length, to make the needle into a wide spacing.

The needle is arranged in a vertical arrangement, which is relatively easy to penetrate, especially the single row of sharp needles, and the wider range is better. However, because of its good thorns, it needs to be cautious, and the novice's use of inappropriate and easy to cause skin damage and proliferation. Skin is the main reason of the technique is not correct, row needles can discoidal repeat lines, because that would like a knife will be delimited on the skin, is best way, horizontal pushing repeated tries not to let the needle point, no such lesions will reduce a lot. The reason for the proliferation is because of its sharpness, which makes it very easy to Pierce deeply and naturally causes hyperplasia.

This type of needle is suitable for some color tattoos, many color master tattoo artists with wide distance single row sharp? The needle? Color works, (the content in this bracket is ignored, because baidu is crazy) because it is easy to penetrate, the thickness of color is very good. I tried it. It felt good. Can also be used to do some special performance, such as long, flowing hair, totem, the edge of the use of a single vertical instead, profile thorn but it is to stand, just need to pay attention to very much, can't repeat many times.

2. Double row needle: this type of needle is usually a blunt needle, which belongs to the old pin type. The needle also evolved from the hand needle, because the hand needles were tied up by themselves, and the pins were tied in this way. It is said that the hand needles of Ben are tied up in three rows or even four rows of needles. The advantage of such a needle is that it penetrates into a large area each time, but it has many disadvantages: the needle is smaller, it penetrates into the finer, and it is harder to color, so it needs to be repeated, so it is easy for the skin to be damaged. Hand needles are very powerful and very slow, so they work well. But the machine, the performance is not good, has been eliminated.

3. Cross-stitch needle: also called cross double row stitch, which is improved by single row and double-row needle. It is a combination of both and has all the advantages of both. It has a large needle, a large amount of stain, it is easier to Pierce, the area is larger, the skin is smaller, it is the most widely used needle type.

It has blunt needles and sharp needles, and the distinction between flat and curved.

The pin is pointed at the tip of the needle. The needle has a number of needles. For example, a needle with more than 9 needles can produce a phenomenon when it is inserted into the skin. In the deeper, the middle of the puncture is shallow, especially when a large area of the plate fog will find it difficult to puncture evenly. The reason for this is because the skin bends when pressed. The flat needle is suitable for the shaping of the texture, it does not need the uniform fog surface, and the small area of the color, good at using, its Angle needle can Pierce the hair more elegant than the single row of needles.

The curved fork pin is a curved line that fits the curved surface of the skin so that it can prick out the deep, uniform fog. The circular needle is suitable for large area of the plate fog, the color step transition, the general tattooing can be competent.