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Tattoo Trends-Women
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Inspiration comes from anywhere. 2017 is trending ink that is more simplistic and  minimalist artwork.

Self-expression reigns above most ideas! It is totally up to you...the client. If you’re making a design that means something to you personally, or if you are wanting one that 'speaks' to you, many creative tattoo clients know what they want now.

Because of Instagram and Pinterest, there’s a lot of ink that a lot of people will be wanting this year.


These simple tattoos are more minimalist and chic! They are applied with smooth, delicate, hand drawn details and barely-there line work. The more basic, the better.



Wanting more simplistic work, almost abstract? Take a look at artist Mo Ganji's work online. He helped in making the idea of single line tattoos popular. The definition and perfection are both delicate and with unbroken lines. These have become crazy popular with all ages. They are clean and often smaller in size, but impactful. Sometimes, less is more, like make-up and jewelry.



Different from the usual dark, intense black tattoos, this style and color has become reeeeally popular! Why you ask? It’s all about how it works against different skin colors. For some it looks nice and bright, for others it is more intense and can appear etched in the skin.



Although thin line work is popular right now, heavier outline work should also be mentioned because it continues to remain a hot design technique. Veering still on the minimalistic edge by intensifying the basic lines of a design but ditching the shading. This outline offers a heavier looking finish, but remains delicate and feminine, but with more punch.



Meanwhile, while the minimalist trend focuses on sharply defined shapes, botanicals are always popular with nature lovers. Sometimes combined with  watercolored shading, which has been around for awhile, the detailed plants in tattoos remain ageless.



The inside of the upper arm placement for a tat is hot right now. If you are wanting discretion in visibility of your tat, this may be the spot for you. When standing, your tattoo stays a bit hidden by your side. Noticeable only when you are showing your art to someone, otherwise it remains more hidden. Not gonna lie, it is a bit more painful there, (thinner skin), but still a great location.



Delicate and beautiful, these jewellery-inspired tattoo designs are really popular right now! Some are designed with overlapping string art with charms, initials and endless other ideas.



Statement and symbol tattoos are popular. Declaring yourself a full-fledged member of a group, presenting a personal conviction, dedication or symbolizing something near and dear to you or your belief, then these tattoos may be something you should consider. Tattoos can be personalized for you. The photo above represents 'Hope'.



Written tattoos aren't new, but now it’s script lettering that is in vogue and is perfect for names, quotes, dates and lyrics from your neck to your toes. Popular still are initials,