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Tattoo Background
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Tattoos – some used it as a symbol of their culture whereas some use it to show their emotions. It is better to say that tattoos are sometimes used to show the emotion to someone known or unknown, to show the status or to express the thoughts and the beliefs. There is a vast category of tattoos and with the popularity of the tattoos the tattoo artists are carrying out different experiments to invent something new that may match the taste of many and can also bring uniqueness in the style.

Now the question arises as for how are these done on your body? Tattoos are not a new art form. The variation of the styles, the tools and/or machines have gone through drastic changes.

In earlier times when the Egyptians used to perform this art as early as 1450 B.C., they used tiny bronze needles for making art on their bodies whereas the Thai tattoo artists used bamboo needles that were separated into two parts and a sharp razor. Maori Chisel was the name of the tool used in New Zealand that had a bone chisel and a wooden handle attach to it. The chisel was used to make lines on the flesh and then dipped in ink to make the design. In the Polynesian style of tattoo, two people were needed - one the tattoo artist and the second, is the assistant who helps him out. The tattoo artist used to equip himself with a rake and a hammer which was used to penetrate the ink through the skin, on the other hand, the assistant do tightly hold the skin to avoid any type of distorted designs. This tool was commonly known as the Polynesian Rake Needle. Around these times, the Japanese Tebori needle was also very famous where the tattoo was done by means of the motion of the hand of the tattoo artist.

The great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, in 1876 created an electric pen. Though at the beginning of the invention the intention was not to use the pen for tattooing but later, for an unknown reason, the pen was converted into the tattoo machine used nowadays.

With the advancement in technology and improvement in the work of the artists is fat better. Now, we have many tattoo machines that are readily available in the market. The birth of the modern tattoo machine was done when Samuel O’Reilly, in 1891, added an electric tube motor and reservoir to the electric pen of Edison. This device was popularly called the O’Reilly’s Rotary Needle. Next, an advance Rotary Needle was also invented, but, the machine used today is the electromagnet machine that is based on the working of two coils. The needle makes designs by moving up and down due to the electromagnetic circuit used in the device.  

So, a bit of history on the different types of machines and how they came to be. My, how they progressed, but then again...maybe not so much?