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How To Choose A Qualified Tattoo Machine?
- Jan 13, 2018 -

A good machine is capable of all tasks, including traditions; Heavy color, light fog. Speaking of what is currently on the market, the machine to be divided into several different USES, that is just the business gimmick! Think about it: tradition; Heavy color, light fog on the strength of the next needle? The question is simple enough to be understood in a quiet way. 

Machines can be made in any material can be, whether does not exist any frame is conductive permeability of currently on the market pattern steel machine was said beautifully, but is actually in blow! Any material, as long as its strength enough requirement can make a frame! The stability of the electromagnetic coil and the bounce of the shrapnel depends on the position and tolerance of the initial processing. In addition, the screw of the fixed coil should be added with a check gasket so that it will not be displaced by vibration.