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How May Decide On A Tattoo Artist
- Aug 25, 2018 -

The choice to get your first tattoo is a life decision and kinda a big deal. Picking both an outline and an artist should be thoroughly considered.

Picking a Tattoo Artist

Decide the reason why you want to have a tattoo. Know what the tattoo will mean to you, what it means, (some symbols for example have specific meanings), and how it will reflect a message to others. Next, think of tattoo outlines you like. Have you looked and liked designs from different sources, there are many.

If you have friends that have had work done that you like, ask them why they chose that tattoo artist, try to get their reasons. Did they feel the correspondence was great? Why? Did the artist plan the tattoo or did you choose from the artist's portfolio? Was the studio clean? Was the artist efficient? Why did they pick the style tattoo they have? Does their tattoo hold a specific meaning to them? If they were to get an another tattoo would they do anything differently?

If you have found the ink you like from a site like Pinterest, try to gather as much information about the tat, and get a picture of it to show your tattoo artist. You may want to approach people with ink that you like and make inquiries. Many are pleased with their tattoos and happy to pass along information. You can also buy tattoo magazines to research styles and artists.

Here are a few samples of questions you may want to ask the artist:

What style of tattooing is your top choice? Why?

Which tattoo in your portfolio is your personal favorite? Why?

Do you have a permit?

What is your artistic foundation?

Where did you do your apprenticeship?

How long have you been working at this shop?

Do you do custom work?