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Finding Clients To Tattoo
- Aug 04, 2018 -

If you have gotten to the stage of having your own tattoo shop, then you need to have a constant supply of clients to be financially sustainable. Because tattoos are popular, many people are looking for a place to have their tattoos done, but they are just not sure where.

One step to finding good clients is by advertisement. There are several options available such as word of mouth, social media, posters, bill boards, mailing post cards, setting up a blog to advertise your services and/or creating a website. Your posts should show the different designs and colors you can do when you promote your business so that your potential clients can see them. You can offer discounts and other offers that are likely to appeal to people that are wanting tattoos. Having a blog and/or website would serve you well, as it gives an opportunity to interact with those who may need your services.

Another way is to go online and do a basic search to see if there are people asking for a place where they can have their tattoos done. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and sell your services to them. You would be surprised how many people make online inquiries of where to get tattoos. Make business cards that you can give to people when they meet you and ask them if they know of anyone wanting a tattoo. Never shy away from giving your card to strangers you meet, because they may help you spread the word.

A perfect way to get clients through your door for tattoos is having already done tattoo work on others. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool and asset to you. Never undermine the value of it. They will act as your free advertisers and direct all the people who ask them about their awesome tattoos. So, whenever you have a client, make sure that you do such a perfect job so that your work is noticed. In short, be professional with every client.

If there are meetings and conventions targeting people in the tattoo business, you should try to attend. You will get a chance to interact with other people in the business who can maybe offer you ideas that they have tried and they worked. Chances are, you will also meet potential clients who are passionate about tattoos. You can use it as a platform to market yourself, don't forget your cards and take a portfolio, you never know where your next clients may come from.

Patience, hard work and smart marketing strategies will pay is the pattern to success in most all businesses. With your business it is much easier to sell because you have work to show, not just an idea.