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Everyday Practices Of A Tattoo Professional
- Aug 11, 2018 -

Learning to tattoo like a pro, know the difference between a liner, a shader and how to blend your inks to get the ideal color along with some other basics that will be discussed. There is a lot of knowledge and talent that goes into being a genuine expert in the tattoo business and as fun as it can be, it is also to never be taken lightly.

Doing Quality Work: The most important key is mastering any number of particular methods. Study, observe, practice, draw/sketch, create a portfolio and learn all aspects of the tattoo artist's work in detail.

Ensure Your Reputation: Obviously, doing great work is going to do a lot in reinforcing your notoriety. When your customers show off your craft, it is an incredible validation of your work, and word of mouth is a perfect way for promoting you, not to mention cost effective! Customers will be more likely to phone you for an appointment through past or present clients that are pleased with the work that you have created or are creating for them.

Behave Professionally: A tattoo artist needs to be professional at all times when working with the public and especially your clients. You must be clean, dressed appropriately, your workspace in tidy and in clean condition and you must always be on time. These are basics for most workplaces, but when you are working in such a personal way...on someones body, make certain that you don't slip up on these simple guidelines.

Take all Measures to Have a Sterile Environment: Keeping your supplies clean and sterile, you are protecting yourself and your client. It speaks volumes about your character and the fact that you respect your client and yourself and that yes, you are professional. Sterile practices go beyond the autoclave to sterilize instruments, but opening a sealed packet of needles in front of your client, and any other sterilized instruments. Let your clients witness you completely washing your hands, pulling out a new pair of gloves in front of them and wearing clean garments to work consistently.