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Adjusting Method Of Tattoo Machine
- Jan 13, 2018 -

1, the transformer is connected to 220 V, 110 V) flow of electricity, open the POWER switch POWER (1 said connected, 0 means disconnect) indicates the light is red, adjust button VOLTAGF, clockwise rotation slowly, V will slowly turn the table (A table only when the tattoo machine work will move), the V table pointer to 10 V to 12 V (note: the voltage is too high, the output POWER is big, speed is too fast, loss of electrical contact is fast) and then insert the plug of the tattoo machine POWER supply hole "+ (positive) and - (negative)", will foot switch with another POWER supply holes.

2. Insert the other end of the power cord into the socket of the tattoo machine, then step on the pedal switch and the tattoo machine will be activated. The power lamp is red, the V meter is 10v-12v, but the tattoo machine fails to start (A. B. may tattoo machine line disconnect), if it is A need to debug A tattoo machine: the elastic rod from their promptly contact first, then the elastic rod slowly clockwise to promptly contact, at the same time start the pedal switch, make the tattoo machine just started, and then loosen the pedal switch, the elastic rod according to clockwise 180 ° to 360 ° with elastic rod lock screw down the screws. (transformer overload protection, when "light green, voltage is zero, indicated that she was a short circuit of transformer automatic trip, then to turn the POWER switch after O l, again will have a new start POWER supply, voltmeter is back to normal). If it is B, the supplier should be repaired or returned to the supplier.