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About Tattoo Machines & Rotary Tattoo Machines: Machine Parts & Tools
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Wormhole Tattoo Supplies carries a wide range of professional tattoo machines including both rotary and coil models.  Coil models  are popular and run on a magnetic current.  Rotary Tattoo Machines rely on electric powered motors; they tend to be smaller and lighter than coil tattoo machines.  It's up to each individual artist which tattoo machine power supply fits his or her style best.

Body Shock has a wealth of knowledge in the tattoo and piercing industry, and we've built a stock of high quality tattoo equipment.  Because each tattoo artist has different preferences, we offer a wide variety of choices and styles as well as specialty products.  With the best products in your hand, your artistic expression is limitless.

We are proud to stock everything you need to run a successful tattoo studio.  From the machinery to the needles, you'll find not only the best quality, but also the best selection.  Ask about distributor deals.  Need parts?  We've got those, too.

After years in the industry, we know what you're looking for, and we keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Specialized Product Selection: To meet each artist's precise preferences, we stock a a wide selection of professional tattoo machines, tools and equipment.  We'll match your choice of style, weight, size, and budget.