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3 Tips On How To Get A Tattoo Apprenticeship
- Aug 27, 2018 -

So you’ve finally decided to become a tattoo artist? Well, tattooing is one of the more fun trades out there. However, becoming a professional requires great skill and dedication. One of the biggest hurdles is usually how to get a tattoo apprenticeship. Many tattoo shops will be unwilling to train a newcomer as it is quite an expense to them. For the shops that offer an apprenticeship, they may charge you. With some you may be lucky to pay for the apprenticeship through offering services at the shop. Generally, the process entails the following:

1. Improve Your Drawing

Tattooing is about drawing among other things. However, this time round you will be doing it on a human’s body instead of paper or any other media. It means that you will be under more pressure to deliver. I mean, no one wants to have a bird that looks like a chicken on his arm or a cobra that looks like a the letter 'S'. So, in order to avoid this, first practice your drawing. Enroll in an art class or ask a friend to help you out.

2. Have a Portfolio

Have a portfolio with you before talking to the trainer or walking into a tattoo shop. Walking bare handed makes you appear less serious or a time waster. This can easily put off your trainer. A portfolio will consist of 50 to as many as 200 images. Always make certain that you only pick the best ones. Also, include all kinds of pictures; animals, nature, calligraphy, abstract or any other. The more diversified your portfolio, the more impressive it will be.

3. Purchase a Tattoo kit

Finally, armed with some artistic skills and a portfolio do yourself a favor and buy a good tattooing kit. You don’t have to settle for the most expensive or professional kit. You can start with a simple kit for beginners. Nonetheless, don’t sacrifice quality for economy. Go for renowned brands from reputable sites that https://www.padieoetattoo.com/

Along with getting an effective and reliable kit, you will also consider durability. With dedication, ambition and perseverance, you’ll soon become a master tattooist. Normally, the apprenticeship will last for about 2 years. For slower or less serious students it might take longer. Always ask for a certificate at the end of the apprenticeship. It will come handy when looking for a job or clients.