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- May 10, 2018 -

Competition is the theme of the arts festival, but it is not the only meaning we get together. The collision between eastern and western culture, traditional and innovative style, and we are lucky to participate in it. Here you can see the world's top tattoo artists, you can learn the quality of the tattoo equipment, you can also learn the superb tattoo technology.It was an orgy of revelry, a grand feast for all those who loved tattoos.

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Foreign tattoo artist

The two high-profile foreign tattoo artist, is a single arm motivational tattoo artist, the other is diablo can face for the creative inspiration of the artist. It is far more realistic than on-site to wait and see.

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Technical discussion BBS

Nearly 200 artists from the tattoo industry attended the meeting to discuss the hot points in the industry.Systematic and comprehensive communication of various tattoo styles of innovative thinking;Bring together all the resources of the tattoo industry to help the Chinese tattoo industry flourish and orderly development;Face to face with the industry master, get a bigger development platform.

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All kinds of manuscripts gathered in Langfang

With the understanding of tattoos, we need to know what a good tattoo is. Through various manuscripts to enhance the creative ability, at the China International Tattoo Arts Festival, there is no shortage of the manuscript you want.

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Map interlinking live

This is a test for every tattoo artist who comes on stage, creating infinite possibilities within a limited time and interpreting the charm of a tattoo.

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Calligrapher paints on the scene

As a traditional art that inherits the past and has accumulated thousands of years of accumulation, the aesthetic standards that emphasize skill, taste, and focus on unified book style and personality are not arbitrarily changed or easily denied.

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The master of dough figurines-- Xiao Zhanxing

Xiao Zhanxing, who began to study with his grandfather since he was six years old, has become a renowned plastic art master for decades.

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Retro market

Still haven't found the fashion thing, might as well come this to buy good goods.Film, print, antiques, in the long river of time, people have never forgotten them.

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Assemble Tattoo Machine

I believe that for tattoo artists, tattoo machines are like their own arms. However, the assembly games conducted at the scene also test the basic skills of everyone.


Big-name manufacturers come to the scene

Cheyenne and Poseidons leaders brought abroad imported tattoo machines to appear in the venue. As a qualified tattooist, there is no hand-to-hand weapon on the battlefield.