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- May 09, 2018 -

Lessons Forum and Authority Talk

Debut at China International Tattoo Art Festival!

The organizing committee of the China international tattoo art festival has specially added the academic discussion section of "masters forum" and "authoritative discussion".During the exhibition, the organizing committee will invite the top tattoo artists from home and abroad to attend the lectures and seminars according to different styles.It is reported that the establishment of such professional authority links is not only to further promote the popularization of tattoo art and culture, but also regulate the system and guidelines of tattoo industry.

It provides a platform for the tattoo practitioners and fans to learn and express their views deeply.By learning from each other, common progress of the discussion, to improve professional practitioners, better lovers of culture and aesthetic taste, make domestic tattoo culture to a new height.


Review of works

Treat each contestant with a serious attitude!

It is well-known that winning a crown at the China International Tattoo Arts Festival is a dream for every tattoo practitioner. However, being able to stand out in many entries is one of the few. In order to allow the advanced players to understand the shortcomings and shortcomings of their own works, they will be further refined and improved in the future. This Festival will open a “Major Teacher Review” session every day at the secondary stage, inviting industry coffee to review the unselected works. , Respond to the tattoo artist answer questions, pointing out problems and in-depth guidance.

If there are outstanding works that have been “missed” in the official stage of the main stage, if they have been unanimously recommended by the famous teacher, the organizing committee will make related remunerations. Each tattoo work embodies the efforts of tattoo artists and deserves serious attention. It deserves respect!

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Independent painting exhibition area.

Show it!

In order to reflect the artistic atmosphere of the China International Tattoo Art Festival in a more three-dimensional manner, the initial 14th international tattoo art festival organizing committee separately set up Chinese painting exhibition, at home and abroad to join top painter, make the skin art and painting art in photograph echo, three-dimensional and planar bring out the best in each other.

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