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2018 Colombia 7TH Bucarafest Tattoo Convention
- Sep 22, 2018 -

For the seventh time Bucaramanga will have the opportunity to see the best exponents of this ancient art. Event that had 2,000 visitors in its fourth version and hopes to exceed 4,000 for this year. In this fifth edition we will have international guests from six countries including United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and others.

The best tattoos made during the event will be qualified and awarded by an international jury.

Tattoo lovers collectors and the public in general will be able to attend the festival to obtain a tattoo of the artist of their preference as well as the possibility of acquiring clothes, accessories and other elements related to the event and the target of the market to which it is addressed.

We will assemble 84 stands for artists and exhibitors which will be available for those who wish to be part of the event, the participants will exhibit their art for 3 days, showing their different techniques to the attending public.

The public that attends this event is very varied, formed by both curious and amateurs, since the tattoo has become popular in recent years, and has diversified in its styles and techniques to the point of becoming a strong trend of personal and collective expression. The organization emphasizes that, in compliance with the law, no tattoos or punctures are made to minors, as well as compliance with strict hygienic and sanitary measures.

It is increasingly noticeable that the tattoo industry moves billions around the world, not only for the money that is generated from the development but also all the machinery that revolves around the market of this art. The tattoo has become a lifestyle therefore integrates all races, strata and economic and social levels, being a very interesting alternative for modern societies.


Time: 14-16 Dec. 2018

Address: Neomundo Convention Center Calle 89 Transversal Oriental Metropolitana-69, Barrio Tejar, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

For more details, please check: https://www.worldtattooevents.com/tercer-festival-de-tatuajes-bucaramanga/