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12 Least Painful Places Of Tattooing
- Aug 25, 2018 -


Absolutely, you will feel some pain if you get a tattoo on your finger. In tattoo world, it is definitely not the most painful area in comparison to other areas of your body. Without a doubt, the most painful spot on your finger is the one near the bone. Being that the tattoos for the fingers are small, at least it will be a short lived discomfort. Another thing to consider about finger tattoos is the fade factor. Because of our washing our hands regularly, (as we should), they tend to not last as long as a tattoo might in other areas. Just something to think about.

2.Outer Area Of The Shoulder

Your outer shoulder can accommodate different sized tattoos. You can go small, medium, or you can go with a tattoo that will cover half of your arm, (half sleeves). Because there are very few nerve endings in this area, the pain is manageable. For certain, if you would like your tat to be visible, this is one of the best placements!


This hip area has more fatty tissue and not as many nerve endings making this part of the body quite popular. The area also allows a person's selection to be more open to artistic tat designs. It's true that the visibility is not a daily reality with placement here, but it is a nice to have your art and disguise it to...until swim suit season anyhow! Because the hips are typically larger, it also offers you a bigger canvas to ink and have fun.


The front part of your calf between the knee and the ankle, is a visible place. Nerve endings are not as plentiful in this area. It is an excellent choice for placement if you want your tat to be seen! Tattooing this area leans itself more to longer, leaner art. Art placement is as important as the tattoo itself.

5.Inner Wrist

The inner side of the wrist is the perfect place for a small tattoo. This area has become very popular, particularly with women.


The thigh area is a big area that can fit almost any tattoo, a bit more personal, but this allows you to choose who can see it and who cannot!

6.Back Of Ear

The back of the ear is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo, it is also one of the more popular areas anymore.

7.Upper Back

The back has always been a great area for tattoos. The space is more plentiful and the nerve endings are fewer. If pain is worrisome for you, choose a tattoo that avoids the spinal and armpit areas as they both have many nerve endings.


As long as the spinal area is avoided, the neck itself does not have as many nerve endings. It too, is a very popular area for tattoo placement. Knowing that it can be more visible may be a concern for some.


If you would like a bit more privacy with your tattoo, the stomach is a relatively good area for your tat. Not many bones near the stomach, making it a less painful area. If privacy is a true concern for you, the lower abdomen, the area around the belly button, and the sides of the abdomen offer perfect placement for you.


Men often prefer the chest area, lately, more women wanting a chest tattoo. The chest area is not as painful because there aren’t many nerve endings, however, it's a game changer if you go under your arms and near the nipples.


Ribs are bones that are near the surface, making this area a little more painful.

12.The Most Painful Places

If you have a low threshold toward pain, you will most likely tolerate the least painful areas better...just a heads up!

Nipples are a very sensitive area. You will want to wear a soft t-shirt first few weeks, just know, you will still have discomfort. Healing time in this area is quite long.

The inside of your knees are a painful place as it has a lot of nerve endings. Some people have fainted due to the pain being intolerable to them. Another heads up!

Armpits are no joke. They are loaded with nerve endings and the flesh is a bit more thin.

Surprise, (not really), the penis and vagina tattoos are not a fun experience to say the least, on the receiving end. You should also know that healing time takes months, not weeks.

Although the genital area has the most sensitive skin, it actually is not the most painful of the areas...what??? Yep, there is one more. The eyes and eyelids. Personally, I don't know of anyone having had one done in my circle, but, there are stories of people fainting, screaming, and crying when they get an eyelid tattoo.