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Want a tattoo, are you safe with ink?
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Tattoos are regarded as a label for Zhang Xian's personality, and many people want to leave a sign on his body, but is it really safe? Today, according to the US Webmd website, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that before you make tattoos, you should think about it. This body art form is not without risk. Since 2004-2016, FDA has collected 400 reports on tattoos, such as infection or skin allergies caused by contaminated ink, and so on.

1. want a fashionable tattoo, do not use DIY ink or other equipment, you do not know how to ensure that all the equipment and the operation process of sanitary asepsis. This tattoo is likely to cause skin infection or allergies, and this happens, and you don't know how to control treatment.

2. it is difficult to get rid of the tattoo. It is impossible to clean up completely without leaving a little scar.

3. if you decide to do a tattoo, be sure to confirm whether the tattoo is licensed by the country or the local license.

4., if there is any infection or other reactions after tattooing, you should timely feedback to the tattoo operation beauty center, so that they can check the ink automatically and avoid using it again. You can further trace to the source, understand the brand, color or other production batch numbers of tattoo ink, and find out where the problem is and how to treat it. If this happens, consumers, tattoos and beauty centers should report to the relevant agencies in a timely manner to avoid repetition of such events as soon as possible.