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Understanding of the techniques and uses of tattoo needles
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Many tattoo beginners are not very clear about the type of tattoo needle, do not know which needle is round needle, do not know the function and use method of the round needle and matters needing attention. Here I will introduce the round needle.

Circular needle tattoo needle is combined with multi needle into a column, when in use by the gap between the needle and the needle stick will leave more conducive to the combination of the color, pigment, needle and needle to form a surface, generally each needle's thickness is between 0.25--0.4, say from experience is 0.3--0.35 the most commonly used, and the best use of the most commonly used secant needle with moderate blunt, too sharp and too blunt tip is not very ideal. In 5, speed adjustable needle can be a thorn thick lines, slow speed can also be small details and dark color; then the ten needle above, can quickly stab a large area of color.

Here is one thing to note. When choosing secant needles, it is better to choose the needle with shrinkage point treatment. Because such needles are held together, there will be no bifurcation in the secant line. When the needle to form a surface, the whole surface of the force area, nature is not easy to penetrate the skin, will stab in the shallow layer of skin, very good use in shallow fog and shades of color, but if deliberately to thorn will thus worn surface of the skin so that the color effect is poor, it is not suitable for the deep layer of the skin layer of needling. The most commonly used models of secant needles are 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on. The results are not very good in the application process.