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Tuning A Liner Tattoo Machine
- Aug 02, 2018 -

All tattoo machines have to be effective and accurate. In effort for a tattoo machine to work well, tuning it is incredibly important as it does the outlining of your work.

Instruments needed for tuning the Liner Machine:

* Small Screwdriver.

* Blister pack of tattoo lining needles.

* A Sterile tattoo machine tube.

* Coil shims.

* Latex gloves.

First, you need to hold the liner machine at eye level. Next you should then press down on the armature bar. Look to see if the top of the front coil is touching the armature bar when it comes down before the rear coil can make the connection with the armature bar. If they do not, or if it does hit the bar at the same time, then shimming of the coils is required. You can purchase the shims from the nearest hardware store. It will raise the coil so that the bar on the front can touch the armature bar located below the rear coil. This gap between the front coil and armature bar should be a thickness of 1mm or the thickness of a dime.

Next, remove the retaining bar located on the contact screw, this is at the top back of the tattoo machine. Adjust the speed of the Liner machine accordingly. If it is running slowly, then turn it to the left. This is preferable speed for lining. If it is going too slow, then turn it to the right. Replace the retaining bar and see if the volt reading is around 6. This is preferable lining speed.

Now, adjust the spring tension to make a long or a short stroke. This controls the all of the lining for tattooing.

Layout the tube, the needle blister pack and the rubber bands. Make sure that the needles are pointed and not flat.

Put on latex gloves before handling the machine. Clean the work area with a dispensable cloth and create a slight bend in the needle to counter the tension in the machine.

Slide the needles in the tube to see if the curve is facing backwards in the sterile machine. Mount the needle with the hook end over the machine’s pin.

Lastly, wrap the rubber band in the arm of the needle to increase the tension of the needle. Turn the machine on and adjust the machine to the speed of lining that you need.