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The grip method of the handle of a tattoo machine
- Jan 13, 2018 -

The correct grip on the tattoo machine can improve the efficiency of the tattoo. It is recommended that all needles, handles and connecting rods should be stainless steel. All stainless steel handles are complete and have knurled. Knurling is a term used in machine processing industry, which should be on the handle. Metal knurled handles are better than plastic handles. When holding the plastic handle, the hand seems to be stuck, and the hand can't operate the tattoo device flexibly. The metal knurling provides a fixed grip, which increases the weight of the machine and makes the machine feel more textured, but slightly different.

The tattoo machine is held in a pencil or pen position, but slightly different.

When you first hold a tattoo machine, you feel it has a certain amount of weight, some people say they are very heavy. Don't puzzled by this claim, because use for a period of time you will feel very natural, hand muscles work will gradually adapt to tattoo equipment, tattoo takes time, especially the large pieces of tattoo, more hours are needed to operate these machines, don't have much time to rest, this requires you to exercise the muscles of the hand, this will hand cramps or sore. Before you begin to become a tattoo artist, practice holding the machine as much as possible and try to hold the machine and practice it in the air. You can do this exercise by watching TV, chatting, or doing other things. A few hours of exercise every night will give you a quick muscle.

Some tattoo artists like heavy machines, others prefer lighter ones. That's why some manufacturers have to offer different weight tattoos. But it's important to remember that any machine, no matter how heavy it feels at first, will eventually get used to it. In the long run, you'll find it easy to use and stable at work. The vibration that occurs when a tattoo machine is in use can cause you to feel tired very quickly.

The weight of the machine usually ACTS as a shock absorber. The heavier the handle, the more energy it will absorb and the less vibration it will send to you. This tattoo machine work more stable and not easy to shiver, this is the tattoo institutions to build a wonderful place, you should remember is that the weight of the tattoo equipment can be change according to your preferences, and by changing the handle of the model can change the weight of the tattoo machine.

Hold the machine and use the hooked wire to practice drawing. When the hook is attached to the back of the machine, it will bring resistance to the movement of the tattoo machine, which is different from the strange feeling of writing. It is necessary to get used to the feeling and practice on your own.

The hand is placed on the skin when the tattoo is done, like a pen with a pen, and the hand holds the handle like a pen, and the rest of the machine is naturally behind or above. The palms are placed on the skin or on the base of the work, which is a solid position. The palm of the hand is put down first, then the machine, the palm can be a support point.

With the palm as a fulcrum, the tattoo machine moves around the skin, rotating through the fulcrum of the palm, making it easy for the machine to move to where it should be. The palm of the palm provides a solid foundation for the tattoo, but it also needs to be perfected. Keep your hands steady and give you credible signals.