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Tattoo needle basics
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Tattoo Needle Basics Tattooing is a fine art. Not only does it involve extreme precision, but it also requires the right tools to ensure any image can be tattooed at the highest quality. One of the most important tools in tattooing is, of course, the tattoo needle. With a wide variety available, and names like tattoo shading needles and magnum shader needles, it can be confusing to distinguish between them and to understand each of their unique functions. Orien Tattoo Supplies provides a quick overview. Diameter There are four defining properties that that make up a tattoo needle. These are: diameter, taper, count, and configuration. The diameter of a tattoo needle can typically be found indicated on the packaging as the first two numbers of a code. For example, a needle that reads 1204RL indicates a diameter of 12. This is not to say that the diameter is 12mm! In fact, #12 translates to 0.35mm and is the largest size; it is also the most common needle diameter. The other common diameters include: #10 = 0.30mm #8 = 0.25mm #6 = 0.20mm Taper (Point Length) The taper, otherwise known as point length, specifies the shape of the needle point. A long taper has a long point (typically 2.00mm) while a short one has a short point (normally 1.5mm). Count The count signifies the number of needles grouped together. This is usually indicated in the code as mentioned before. So for example, a 12034RL needle has a 4 count, which means it has 4 needles soldered to the tip of the bar. Configuration

2. The configuration of the needles shows us how they are grouped together. This also indicates the pattern or shape of how the ink goes into the skin, and is mentioned within the code of the needle. For example, a needle with the code 1204RL means that the configuration is RL. The explanation is as follows: RL = Round Liner (used for lining) RS = Round Shader (used for shading) F = Flats (used for geometric shapes and shading) M1 = Weaved Magnum (blending, shading and colouring in large areas) M2 = Stacked Magnum (shading, blending and colouring tighter large areas) RM = Round Magnum (blending, shading and colouring large areas with reduced impact to the skin) Purchase at Orien Tattoo Supplies Tattoo needles come in a great variety of types. Whether they’re magnum shader needles or round needles, a tattoo artist will need the knowledge and skill to utilise them to their strengths. Orien Tattoo Supplies offers a large array of tattoo shading needles, magnum shader needles and more within our comprehensive collection. We also offer tattoo transfer paper in addition to other high-quality tattoo supplies.