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Six Very Basic Tattoo Eqiupment And Supply List
- Aug 04, 2018 -

So you have made up your mind to go professional as a tattoo artist. There are a lot of things you will need to purchase in your chosen field of work. Here is a look at different tattoo equipment and supplies that you need to purchase.

Tattoo Chair: This piece of furniture is very similar to the chair that you would find in a dentist’s office or a doctor’s examination office. They are basically made in such a way that the customer will not be uncomfortable while they have to sit in the same position for a long period of time. Getting a quality tattoo chair is very important for the business.

Tattoo Needles: Might just be the single most important supply in the arsenal of any tattoo expert. It is with the help of the needles that are usually used in groups that will be able to allow the tattoo artist to create shapes and lines on the customer. These are always to be new and/or stainless steel sets that can be sterilized in an autoclave, so there is no risk of any infection.

Tattoo Ink: Uh, I think you know this one, but here it is. It is what you use to inject into anothers skin via your tattoo machine and needles. Inks come in a variety of colors and they too change with whatever may be trending at the time. They are of different qualities also. Inks are not actually ink, but referred to as ink. They are pigments mixed with carrier oil for the end result.

Tattoo Machines: Refer to them as machines, not guns. You can be ridiculed by the staff if you do, (who knew?). Tattoo machines are the machines that are used by tattoo artists in order to apply the ink in the tattoo. This is more or less like a drawing pencil into skin, aka...canvas. It can be moved to many possible coordinates and ink will be delivered through the machine into the skin.

Thermal Copier:  A necessary piece of equipment that is to be included in the quiver of every tattoo artist. This allows the artist to create a copy of the design, which will be transferred to the skin of the customer getting the tattoo. This is very helpful for those with customers that have their own custom designs to be transferred onto their bodies.

Tattoo Stool: This is for you, the operator! I cannot stress enough how vitally important it is that you have a high quality, comfortable and versatile stool. You will be working at your artistry for many long hours and having a stool that is multifunctional is incredibly important. Find one that will offer you different positions as your body takes a toll if you are in one position for hour upon hour. They are out there, in fact, Dragon Tattoo Supply has a perfect one for you to purchase ;)