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Rotary Tattoo Machine And Dual Coil Machines And Their Differences
- Aug 18, 2018 -

In some tattoo shops, dual coil tattoo machines are used because they are comparatively inexpensive and readily available. Smooth lines and shading are provided by these machines is one reason they still remain popular. Although dual coil machines are somewhat of a standard, the use of rotary tattoo machines is preferred by some tattoo artists. Several advantages are offered by rotary machines over dual coil machines, reason being more and more tattoo artists opting for them.


What Are Rotary Machines?

An electric motor that physically controls the upward and downward motion of the needle is used by rotary machines. In standard dual coil machines, the needles are moved using electromagnetism.

Rotary style tattoo machines offer quite a few benefits over traditional tattoo machines, such as:


In comparison to dual coil machines, rotary tattoo machines tend to be considerably lighter. This is because the back end of these machines is not weighed down by heavy copper-wound electromagnetic coils. Since the weight is lighter, tattoo artists are able to work for a much longer time in a single session. Tattoo artists also tend to not experience as much finger and hand cramps.


Coil type tattoo machines tend to have electromagnetic switching as a result of a considerable amount of noise is generated. First-time customers who are not exactly confident about getting a tattoo in the first place tend to get turned off by that noise. Far less noise is generated by rotary style machines, which tends to make customers feel that they will experience less pain while getting the tattoo.


It is possible to use rotary tattoo machines as both as liners and shaders, based on the type of needle bar that is selected. This means that an entire tattoo can be completed by a tattoo artist using just the single rotary machine, no matter how complex the design. On the other hand, it is only possible to use a dual coil machine as either a liner or a shader. They cannot be used as both. The dual coil shaders have heavier coils and thicker barrels. That is how the additional power required is produced, which drives the ink into the skin. Dual coil liners have lighter coils and thinner barrels for additional comfort.


The benefits that rotary tattoo machines offer over dual coil tattoo machines is less noise, making the client less anxious, lighter in weight and that the same needles and tube combinations are used, meaning you don't need a separate and liner and shader. The rotary machines have already gained more popularity among tattoo artists for these reasons. There are a variety of these available fortunately, each one looking very artistic in their own rite!