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Contest Categories Of Tattoo Competition
- Jul 28, 2018 -


Best Friday, Saturday & Sunday. You must have your tattoo done by an attending Artist that day of the convention.

Black and Grey (Must be only black, grey or white ink used. Tattoos with any color, dots will not be judged in this category)

Color (Any style of tattoo as long as it has bright vibrant coloring)

Realistic (Must be a representation of something)

Blackwork (The term ‘blackwork’ covers everything from ancient sacred geometry to modern abstract ornamental designs to extremely detailed illustrative pieces.)

Dots (Dotwork)

Ornamental (A style of tattooing that is based on decorative design, geometric shapes and body flow.)

Old School (Western or traditional American tattoo style featuring bold black outlines and a limited color palette.)

Best of the Show In this category for a tattoo to be registered; it has to be one of the winners from ‘Best of the Day’ categories.