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Cause of no start of tattoo machine
- Jan 13, 2018 -

1 the elastic bar does not touch the contact of the inclined shrapnel.

Solution: the elastic rod screws loosen the elastic rod rotating down, run into contact, then rotate 180 ° to 360 °, tighten the screw locking elastic rod.

The power switch is not open.

Solution: after the 220V ac is connected, turn on the power switch, indicating bright red.

The 3 adjustment button (VOLTAGE) is in the zero position, and the pointer of the V table is also in the zero position.

Solution: adjust the button to rotate clockwise, while the V table pointer is rotating, and the V table pointer should stop at 10V-12V.

4. The elastic rod touches the front of the shingle, and it is too tight to start. It is more likely to cause a short circuit of the power supply, and the power switch will be turned on. The indicator light will be bright green and no voltage.

Solution: the elastic rod screw loosening, the elastic rod up loose from the shrapnel contact reset elastic rod encounter on contact, rotate 180 ° to 360 ° power tripping circuit, indicating the light is green, the switch to open, indicating the light is red.

5 often when working, it is not clear when to pull the power cord and leave the joint position?

Solution: check the foot switch, the power cord plug is in place.

6. When cleaning and disinfecting the tattoo machine after work, the thread on the machine is pulled off (dislocation).

Solution: check that the thread on the tattooing machine has been removed (broken), to find an electrician, and to weld the wire.

7. Turn on the power and turn the indicator light green.

Solution: check the plug on the power cord and the plug on the foot switch, break it off, break the line (short cut), break the thread, and use the soldering iron!