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All About Tattoos
- Jul 14, 2018 -

1. All you need to know about tattoos By Lola Barring ton

2. Tattoos in history Tattoos are 5000years old originally from Eurasia.Otzi the Ice Man is a Bronze Age mummy found in ice with tattoos on his legs.

3. Tattoos in history In ancient Egypt only female priestesses had tattoos. They were mainly patterns of dots and lines.

4. Tattoos in history

5. Tattoos in history Pacific Island tattoos are the most intricate and represent the persons spirit or life force.This is a Maori Chief from New Zealand.

6. Another Maori warrior with tattooed face.

7. Tattoos in history By the 1800s tattoos were very popular with sailors. It was important to sailors to look different from normal people.

8. Tattoo design taken from the skin of an 18th century sailor.

9. Do you know how tattoos are made?

10. Step one: Choose a design First go to a tattoo studio with a good tattoo artist. Choose a design from the artists catalogue (a special book of designs) Or tell the artists what you want and ask her to design something new.

11. Step two: Make a stencil Your design is printed on special stencil paper. Your skin is sterilized to kill all the germs. The stencil is put on the skin and when it is pulled off an outline stays on your skin.

12. Step three: Trace the out line The tattoo artist uses a special outlining needle to trace the outline left by the stencil on your skin.

13. The needle puts ink in the second layer of skin called the dermis

14. Step four: Add shading & colour A different needle is used to fill in the outline with shading or colour.Sometimes this takes more than one day.

15. Step five: Bandage the tattoo The tattoo must be bandaged for a few days so it wont get infected.

16. Research I interviewed 10 people with tattoos to find out what types of tattoos are most popular, how long it takes to get a tattoo and how many tattoos most people have. Heres what I found out...

17. How many tattoos?

18. How many tattoos?Half only had 1Tattoo 20+ 2 to Tattoos Half had more than 5Tattoosone 1 Tattoo20% had more than20 tattoos

19. How long does it take?Small tattoos = 1 to 2hoursLarge tattoos - 8 to 9hoursVery large tattoos =24 hours!!

20. Does it hurt?8 out of 10 people said... YES!! A lot! But its worth it.

21. Why do people get tattoos?To show others what they believe in.To remember an important event like the birth of a child or falling in love.To look cool or fashionable For religious reasons.

22. Facts You have to be 16 to get a tattoo.Tattoos are permanent so you should be very careful making your decision.It can be a little painful.Americans spend $10 billion a year on tattoos.

23. Here are a few photos:

24. Cat has over 40 tattoos, all abstract patterns.

25. My uncle Vans new Wolf tattoo

26. A religious tattoo of Ganesh.

27. A tribal Maori style tattoo

28. The End