Mabuchi Motor Professional Tattoo Pen


About the product

  • It adopts imported Mabuchi motor with strong power and stable performance.
  • CNC integrated carving process, good workmanship, exquisite appearance, smooth and not rough details, wear-resistant, long-term use without deformation.
  • Ergonomic design and a protected RCA connection.
  • The pen can be separated via unscrew.It is more convenient and convenient to maintain in the future.
  • Non-slip hand-cutting design for hand-shake, feels good, suitable for long-time tattoos
  • Custom engraving belongs to your tattoo pen only,Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited) for



Item: Tattoo Pen

Size: 119*31.5mm  Grip:26mm

Motor: Mabuchi Motor 8V 10000RPM

Standard Stroke: 0-3.5mm

Connection: RCA

Material: Space Aluminum

Craft: CNC Engraved

Start Voltage: 6V-7V

Working Voltage: 8-10V


*Custom engraving:Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited)


Package includes:

-1 * Tattoo Pen

-1 * RCA Cord

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